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Prescient Presents:

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Wildfire Risk Reduction Using Innovative Protective Relaying

SummaryThis presentation describes innovations that can be implemented to minimize the possibility of electric power lines igniting wildfires using components that are available, off the shelf, today.

It will outline new protective relay applications, including techniques that eliminate the need for proactive blackouts to prevent wildfires.

Presented by: Tony Sleva

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Related service: Wildfire Risk Assessment & Analysis

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Sabotage Resilient Substations

SummaryAttendees will learn how to develop and implement cost effective intrusion detection security systems at regional and neighborhood substations.

The presentation will also detail risk management categorization, and outline steps to quickly respond to intrusions in concealed and vital areas of substations.

Presented by: Tony Sleva

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

Related service: Power System Security Assessment

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Risks of Wide Area Blackouts from Distributed Renewables

SummaryThough historically rare events, wide area blackouts have the potential to become yearly occurrences as energy sources transition to distributed renewables.

Attendees will learn about what can trigger a wide area blackout, and what can be done
to prevent them.

Presented by: Tony Sleva

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

Related service: Wide Area Blackout Risk Assessment

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Power Lines: Wildfire Risk Assessment & Prevention

SummaryAttendees will learn about Prescient's unique approach to wildfire risk assessments and recommended enhancements to power line design, maintenance, and protective relaying schemes.


This introductory webinar will give electric utilities a glimpse at our recommendations to minimize the risk of power lines sparking wildfires.

Presented by: Tony Sleva

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

Related service: Wildfire Risk Assessment & Analysis

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