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Why Use Our Services?

Whether you are looking for innovative ideas for the next generation power grid, root cause analysis studies and solutions, or something unique, Prescient has the expertise to meet your needs. 

Innovative Ideas

The communications industry has updated its infrastructure and technology, from 1G to the current 5G. Now is the time for the electric utility industry to update the power grid to the next generation.


Prescient’s technical staff are thought leaders for next generation technology and ideas.

Incident Reports

Delve into past wildfires, wide area blackouts, security breaches, and other incidents that have had dangerous and expensive consequences.


With Prescient’s wealth of resources, future occurrences like these can be avoided.

Inventive Devices

Prescient’s forward-thinking engineers have conceptualized designs for next generation technology that can be implemented within the existing power grid.

In support of our new concepts, Prescient has patented Solenoid Series Reactors.

Industry Perspectives

Our staff has an in-depth understanding of historical power system design and future concerns.


Explore articles and reports from Prescient’s technical staff to gain a deeper understanding of how the past influences the present.

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