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Incident Prevention

Prescient's staff has extensive, real-world experience investigating significant equipment failures, anomalies, and incident recovery.

Description of Services

Prescient will review your design input considerations to assure that incidents that have occurred at other companies are understood and avoided at your company. We will review and advise on design drawings and documents, technical studies, construction activities, and as-built documentation. We will then provide advice to resolve issues, correct problems, and prevent recurrence.


  • Identification of root causes of incidents.

  • Recommended corrective actions.

  • Comparison to industry best practices.

Why Use Our Services?

Unanticipated incidents have predictable consequences. When constructing a new power system or updating an existing system, it is important to take into consideration real world events that have caused major losses of power in the past. From squirrels chewing through poorly placed electrical tape to technological breakdowns due to human error, overlooked details lead to consequential incidents. Consequences range from neighborhood blackouts to wide area voltage collapse and to public relation nightmares.

With our expert knowledge and practical experience, Prescient can recommend advanced methods to help utility companies avoid potential causes of service disruption.


Contact us to learn more about how we can help you prepare for the unexpected.

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