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Electric Vehicle Preparedness Analysis

Prescient is committed to assisting electric utilities successfully
implement electric vehicle infrastructure.

Description of Services

Electric utilities face a transformational shift as more electric vehicles hit the road. Prescient is committed to assisting electric utilities assess their preparedness for a future with widespread EV usage.


Our assessment evaluates current infrastructure to determine necessary improvements to support charging stations, including those with onsite energy storage.


We provide congestion analysis and storm recovery analysis to ensure your system is prepared for the inevitable. We model current power system dynamics compared to predicted dynamics with widespread EV usage.

Prescient’s consultation services also include creating EV charging rate structures that work for utilities and consumers.


  • Report that identifies infrastructural improvements to support EV charging stations.

  • An analysis of the utility’s billing strategies related to EV charging.

  • Models of power system dynamics with increased EV usage.

  • Recommended EV rate structures.

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Why Use Our Services?

Electric utilities’ experience charging standby batteries in substations is much different than charging EV batteries. As more EVs hit the market, electric utilities need to increase their knowledge of EV battery charging as they upgrade their infrastructure.

Today’s consumers can be hesitant to switch to an all-electric vehicle due to concerns over the lack of convenient charging stations.

Electric utilities can lead the way to an all-electric future by preparing for expanded EV usage today. At Prescient, we have a clear vision of what is needed to successfully integrate EVs, and the technical skills to advise the buildout of the future.

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