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Storm Analysis

By performing risk assessments of past geomagnetic storms, Prescient can recommend how to best prevent costly damage and equipment failure.

Description of Services

Prescient will analyze transmission line routing and locations, and determine the likelihood of GICs impacting generator step-up transformers and major transmission transformers. 

Our Solutions Include:

  • Installation of series capacitors in transformer neutrals.

  • Replacing wye-grounded transformers with delta transformers.

  • Installation of series resistors in transformer neutrals.

  • Opening parallel lines between substations.

More Info:

Why Use Our Services?

Electric systems have been, and will continue to be, impacted by geomagnetic storms. Three major issues that are impacted by geomagnetically induced currents (GICs) created by these storms are:

  1. Unwanted protective relay actuations.

  2. Wide area blackouts, such as that experienced in Quebec in 1989.

  3. Generator step-up transformer failures.

Although the probability of a geomagnetic storm that impacts the electric power grid is very low, the consequences can be substantial. Geomagnetic storms occur on an 11-year cycle. During solar cycle 25 (2020 thru 2031), July 2025 is forecast as maximum intensity.

The basic concern is that geomagnetically induced currents create an offset in the hysteresis.


Our recommended solutions will eliminate the impacts of GICs on the power system. Contact us to learn more.

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