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Our Strengths,
Our Values

Resilient, reliable, sustainable energy that's safe for everyone.


Creating a durable power grid.

Prescient Transmission Systems is committed to helping the electric utility industry create a grid that can recover quickly when met with obstacles. Prescient believes that by implementing protective measures proactively, the overall resiliency of the electric power grid can be improved significantly.


From our patented wide area blackout prevention technology to our unique secure protective relaying designs, our innovative ideas will help your company to achieve a more resilient grid in the face of obstacles. We analyze faults that have occurred and suggest improvements to fault recovery and prevention.


Assuring that energy resources meet customer demand.

Today, the electric power grid can be trusted to meet the needs of consumers at all times of day, every day of the year, for the most part. As the grid transitions to using more renewable energy sources as its main power supply, and power demand increases, the grid is at risk of becoming less reliable. Unanalyzed incidents such as hurricanes, solar storms, or even extremely hot days can cause power outages and wide area blackouts.


It is vital for the electric utility industry to prepare for these future impacts so that reliability continues to be a hallmark of electricity for all consumers. Through our expert consultations and technical webinars, Prescient can outline grid improvements to maintain power reliability.


Maximizing renewable energy use with cutting edge solutions.

Prescient is committed to helping the electric utility industry meet the demands of present consumers without compromising the needs of the future. Sustainability goes beyond renewable energy sources. At Prescient, our concepts will help the industry to create a shift in system design to maximize green energy usage by connecting wind turbines, solar panels, and other renewable energy sources to the grid more efficiently. By doing so, renewable energy can be used and stored more effectively.

By investing thought and energy into improving the reliability of renewable energy sources, as well as reducing the electric utility industry’s carbon footprint, we can meet the energy needs of today while still maintaining a healthy earth for citizens of tomorrow. Contact us to learn more.


Protecting our lands and  people from harm.

At Prescient, we are committed to helping the electric utility industry create a safer grid. Current grid safety can be improved by reducing the risk of wildfires starting from faulted power lines, preparing for potential incidents, and updating measures of protection for critical infrastructure.


With insights from Prescient’s experts in the field, electric utility companies can achieve industry-leading levels of safety for consumers and the community at large.

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