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Wildfire Risk Assessment & Analysis

Prescient is committed to providing the electric utility industry with unprecedented risk analysis using our proprietary wildfire risk assessment tools.

Description of Services

Prescient’s expert team will assess your power lines and ROWs using proprietary risk matrices to determine the risk of power lines sparking wildfires. Our risk matrices use line-specific details, including current protective relay schemes, distance from substation, ROW conditions, and more, to reliably predict if vegetation is likely to ignite when a fault occurs.


Prescient's algorithm determines specific risk scores, which are used to inform prudent updates to power line construction, operation, and maintenance, as well as protective relaying schemes and design practices. Our assessments and recommended updates can significantly lower the risk of power lines igniting wildfires.

To request a copy of our whitepaper, contact us.


  • Comprehensive assessment and analysis of power lines in fire-prone areas.

  • Risk assessment report, including specific risk score and easy-to-view graphs.

  • Recommended updates for power line construction, maintenance, and operation.

  • Recommended updates to protective relaying schemes and design practices.

Why Use Our Services?

In 2020 alone, millions of acres burned in wildfires such as the August Complex in California, or the Beachie Creek Fire in Oregon. Wildfires caused by sparking power lines, such as the Camp Fire and the Witch Creek and Rice Canyon Fires, have been devastating in recent years. Hundreds of thousands displaced, tens of thousands of homes destroyed, billions in property damage, billions in lawsuits against power companies, and in the most unfortunate cases, lives lost. While not all wildfires can be prevented, we believe that those ignited by power lines can.

Our recommendations will help your power company modernize to the lowest possible wildfire risk. Contact us to learn more.

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