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Description of Services

Prescient’s technical staff will analyze your electric transmission and distribution systems to predict the ability of your system to recover after a significant event occurs, such as a three phase fault.

Our subject matter experts consider transmission system configuration, load data, load flow models, and short circuit models. In addition, by referring to short circuit studies, voltage collapse can be analyzed and grid configurations that prevent total grid collapse can be recommended.


  • Assessment of system recoverability after a three phase fault is cleared.

  • Recommended actions to make every significant event recoverable.

  • Enhanced models that demonstrate recovery.

Training Opportunities

Prescient can train your technical staff to identify system weaknesses that trigger wide area power outages and address them before a wide area power outage can occur. Contact us to learn more.

More Info:

Why Use Our Services?

An unexpected wide area power outage takes less than a minute to occur when conditions align, and can leave cities, states, or even vast swaths of the country without power for hours to days. The blackouts of summer 2020, as well as the northeast blackout of 2003 or the southwest blackout of 2011, are recent examples of such an occurrence.

Our rule-based method will predict power system responses to triggering events that cause wide area power outages. Our calculations help electric utility companies to save money and time before a blackout occurs. Contact us to learn more about how to increase the resiliency of your power system.


Wide Area Blackout
Risk Assessment

Prescient’s predictive analytics can ensure that your system recovers after faults are cleared. We recommend enhancements for reliable wide area power outage prevention.

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