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Microgrid Solutions

Prescient has analyzed microgrids to create innovative solutions for their use both in island mode and in parallel with the power grid.

Description of Services

Prescient develops seasonal and hourly microgrid load and production models. We use these models to accurately estimate daily, hourly, and seasonal microgrid loads, as well as renewable energy production and stored energy capacity.

Using meteorological data with real and reactive power models, we make recommendations to optimize microgrid load, energy production, and energy storage utilization.

Our Solutions Address

  • Day-to-day operation issues while running microgrids in parallel with the electric grid.

  • Effective separation from the electric grid when faults, voltage excursions, or frequency excursions occur.

  • Operation while in Island Mode.

  • Efficient reconnection to the grid after issues have been resolved.

Why Use Our Services?

Microgrids are a network of electricity sources with less than 1000 KVA of customer load that can operate in parallel with the existing power grid or can operate independently in “Island Mode.” Prescient can analyze normal operation, fault recovery, and cold start of remote microgrids, grid-connected microgrids, and networked microgrids.

Microgrids are an exciting movement happening today, with modern cities, buildings, and homes being designed to generate, store, and distribute their own electricity. Excess energy created within microgrids can be stored or sold to local utility companies.

Because microgrids are often independently owned and operated, issues that arise need to be reviewed by subject matter experts who have an in-depth understanding of electrical systems.


At Prescient, we analyze microgrid systems to identify issues as loads, energy production sources, and energy storage facilities are added. We recommend cost effective solutions to control costs and minimize climate impacts. Contact us to learn more.

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