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Power System
Physical Security Analysis

Prescient is committed to helping electric utilities prevent blackouts caused by disgruntled employees, saboteurs, vandals, and activists.

Description of Services

Prescient uses its unique SHIEDLR approach to evaluate the physical security of critical transmission substations, regional substations, and neighborhood substations. The SHIELDR method blends substation physical security requirements with those at nuclear power plants and US embassies in foreign countries to create a holistic approach to substation security.

We work with substation engineers, system operators, protective relay staffs, security response teams, and maintenance teams to evaluate the effectiveness of current safeguards. We evaluate the security of a substation to determine potential threats and areas of weakness.

Once the evaluation is complete, Prescient’s team determines the level of risk at a substation and suggests enhancements to detect and deter intruders and saboteurs, harden facilities, and respond to intrusions.

For the confidentiality of our clients, all reports, documents, and communications are encrypted. 

To request a copy of our whitepaper, contact us.


  • Assessment of vulnerable spots in infrastructure physical security.

  • Cost effective actions to reduce threats and improve security, including specific enhancements to pinpoint the location of intruders.

  • Risk matrix comparison of threat level and effectiveness of security protocol.

Why Use Our Services?

National security is a top concern for our country, with near daily headlines to prove it. Security threats to critical infrastructure range from malicious attacks to human error. Developing a robust electrical grid and protecting the grid from harm are vital to providing reliable power throughout the United States and globally.

We are prepared to assess threats, develop practical solutions that balance operational needs with security concerns, and compare existing systems to those that are the best in other industries. Our staff understands DOD Unified Facilities Criteria for buildings, NERC Reliability Standards for the Bulk Electric System of North America, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements for physical security.


We have experience designing and building perimeter security for nuclear plants and understand limitations introduced by open air facilities in areas with easy access. Contact us to learn more.

Physical Security is a team effort. 

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